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Below is a guide to pricing the floors we supply and install.  The actual cost of the flooring will be more than the amount shown - the items that affect pricing are shown below - plans or a site visit will allow us to give you an accurate quote.  These prices include the supply and installation of the flooring, underlays and/or adhesives.

  • Wastage - a wastage factor needs to be added to the cost supplied - this is normally around 10%, but can vary depending on the type of floors, any patterns in the flooring and the sizes and shapes of the rooms.

  • Finish trim - all of our floors need to have expansion gaps left around the perimeter of the floor.  These gaps need to be covered by skirting boards, end profiles, reducer profiles, transition profiles, quarter round etc.  There are various options available for these trims -  aluminium or wood, matching or painted.

  • Stairs and staircases - stairs and staircases take a lot longer to do than normal flooring and therefore cost more.  The amount and type of trim required is also substantially more than for your average floor which affects the price per square meter.

  • Floor preparation - the condition of the sub-floor is vital for a successful floor installation - the dryness, levelness and strength of the sub-floor are critical.  Even after a site visit it is often not possible to tell what will be required until after any existing floor covering has been removed.

  • Variety - there are numerous choices available for the floor types we supply and install and realistic price ranges are given.  It is possible that the costs may fall out of these ranges in some cases.

  • Quality - as professional floor installers we need to maintain our standards - we only supply and install floors where we have confidence in the quality of the flooring as well as backup from the manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Floor finishes - when it comes to real wood floors there are a number of options available when it comes to sealing an unfinished floor.  Stains, primers, oil-based sealers and polyurethane varnishes are all priced differently and come in a range of qualities for different installations - home or business use for example.

  • Travel - we are based in Edenvale and supply and install in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas - the prices are for work done in these areas only.

  • VAT - the amounts are shown including VAT.

Derrington Floors price guide - supply and installation of flooring

Please note that the pricing below is based on 2023 costs.  The products we use are all imported and are affected by the exchange rate, shipping costs, raw material prices etc.

Laminate Flooring - from R390.00 per m² (for an 8mm thick, domestic wear rated floor) to over R600.00 per m² including VAT.

Laminate flooring is the most cost effective flooring option we supply.  The cost of the laminate flooring includes the supply and installation of the flooring on a high-density underlay (it is possible to use a slightly cheaper underlay, but we do not recommend it).

Vinyl Flooring - from R650.00 per m² (for an 5mm thick floor) to around R695.00 per m² including VAT.

Vinyl flooring is water-proof and can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens as well as all other areas.  The pricing above is for a rigid core vinyl plank that can be installed in most areas where the sub-floor is suitable for a laminate floor.  A glue-down vinyl plank is a cheaper option when looking at the cost of the material alone, but it will almost always require a properly done, self-levelling screed, resulting in similar costs to those above.

Real Wood Flooring - from R1200.00 per m² (for a 10mm thick/2mm oak top layer, engineered floor) and upwards per m² including VAT.

The pricing of real wood flooring varies considerably - the species of timber, the grade of timber, the size of the planks, and in the case of engineered floors the thickness of the top layer all affect the price.  Finishes - factory pre-finished, site sealed, stained, oiled, varnished, as well as the installation method chosen define the final price.

The reality 

As explained above, these prices need to be adjusted to account for for the extra costs involved - adding on 10% for wastage and between 10% and 20% for finishes will get you closer to a realistic figure, but each site is different.  

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