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Professional Floor Cleaning

The picture below is from the squash courts at Jeppe Quondam.  The courts had not been cleaned in a while and the courts were a bit slippery and dull.  Ceaning has lightened and brightened the courts as well as bringing back the grip.  The surface of the courts were still flat and even, no sanding and resealing was required, extending the life of these valuable courts.

Squash Courts - Jeppe - web_edited.jpg

Floor Cleaning

Using the correct floor cleaning equipment we can deep clean the following floors:


Real wood and engineered wood floors

Vinyl floors

Laminate floors

The scrubber we use to clean the floors applies the cleaning solution to the floor, scrubs it in and immediately vacuums up the dirty water.  The cleaning solution is not left on the floor for any great length of time, and won't damage the floors.  The cleaners used will be appropriate for the type of flooring being cleaned as well as the type sealer used in the case of real wood floors.

We also have the equipment and expertise to apply maintenance products to your real wood floors - whether they have been oiled or sealed with a varnish.

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