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Natural beauty and timeless style

McCullogh & Bothwell chevron oak flooring

Real wood floors

Derrington Floors offers a wide range of wooden flooring options and services.  We supply and install engineered wood floors and solid wood flooring.  The range of wood flooring we have available includes exotic timbers like Cumaru (Brazilian Teak), Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Teak and Maple as well as oak flooring.  The oak floors are available in a multitude of styles and colours - from factory pre-finished, to a floor stained to the colour of your choice.  Oak floor planks come in a variety of sizes - from narrow to wide, short to long, thin to thick and rustic to prime grade.  Oak parquet flooring is an increasingly popular option - available as herringbone, chevron, basket-weave, parquet panels and more.  Finishes can be either oil or water-based sealers.


We offer factory pre-finished flooring, as well as being able to stain and seal floors to specification using both oil based stains and sealers as well as water-based polyurethane sealers.  

We advise on the best installation method for each particular job - we are able to install floors using Elastilon (a foam mat that sticks to the underside of the flooring - also available for sports floors), glue-down (we use a variety of modern floor adhesives depending on the type of flooring and the site) or we can nail down the floors using Portanail floor nails.  The nail-down installation method is specific to tongue and groove flooring, with the nail being hidden in the tongue of the floor plank - the nails are specifically designed for wooden flooring.


All finish trim - skirting boards, trim at doorways, stairs and transitions to other floor surfaces are  supplied and installed using the best product, material and profile for each particular job - in wood or powder coated, vinyl wrapped or anodised aluminium.

Real wood floors are an investment - adding value to your home, and able to last a lifetime - we are often called in to restore floors that were installed in house well over 50 years ago, and although in some cases getting to the end of their lives, they are still there adding character and beauty to a house.

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