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At Derrington Floors we can clad your staircase - whether it is a real wood floor, a laminate floor or a vinyl floor we are able to continue the flooring down your staircase.  A wide range of finish trim is available for stair edges and the best one for each particular staircase would be used.
We can also supply and install solid wood treads - on to a concrete slab or over a steel structure.

House - Greestone

The tiled floors in this house in Greenstone were covered with Luxury vinyl tiles - over 300m² of flooring was installed.  A major feature in the house is the staircase, and here  both the stair treads and stair risers were clad with the same rigid core vinyl flooring as the rest of the house.  Great care and attention to detail is essential to ensure the staircase looks better than before.  The choice of finish trim and meticulous cutting of joints results in a fantastic finished product.

House - Bryanston

Super Enginered Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) flooring was installed in this townhouse in Bryanston.  The flooring was then used to clad the concrete treads of their staircase.  A bespoke stair nosing was designed and manufactured out of solid wood to match the flooring material, and this was designed to allow for hidden lighting to be installed under the edge of the treads.  

House - Sandton

Solid oak stair treads as well a landed were manufactured specifically for the staircase in this modern home in Sandton.  The treads were stained and sealed to match the finish of the engineered oak flooring that was installed in the living areas and bedrooms.  The solid oak treads were bonded directly to the steel staircase structure.

House - Linksfield

The original wooden flooring in this modern townhouse in Linksfield was damaged in a flood.  The flooring was replaced using an engineered Cumaru floor.  The treads and risers of the staircase were clad using the flooring with a solid wood stairnosing specially made to finish off the edges

House - Northcliff

This concrete staircase was clad in Traviata Liguria Oak laminate flooring.  The staircase was originally tiled, and laminate flooring was used to cover both the treads and the risers to bring a much more modern feel into the home.  The edges of the stairs was finished off with an aluminium stair nosing.

House - Fourways

The solid oak used in the flooring of this house in Fourways was continued down the staircase - the end grain and joints of the treads was covered with an oak strip to neaten off the installation.  The Caramel Oak  flooring was glued to the concrete staircase.

Stairs caramel oak_edited.jpg
Laminate stairs 3.jpg
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