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Reviving and renewing your wooden floors

Derrington Floors provides a top quality wood floor sanding, staining and sealing service using the best equipment available with well trained and experienced staff - the floor sanding machines we use are virtually dust free, and very little clean up is required.  We use professional quality, imported products to fill gaps, stain, prime and seal your floors to return them to prime condition.  Whether you are looking for an oiled floor or a varnished floor - from matt to gloss we will have the floor sealing product you need.

The sanding process will remove a layer of wood from your floor - the condition of the floor, the quality of the equipment used and the skill of the operator will all play an important role in ensuring the minimum amount of wood is sanded off.  It is important that your floors have not already been sanded beyond the point where this will become a problem.  The colour of your floor when sanded and re-sealed will be different - the colour will normally change in time as the timber oxidises, but may not go back to exactly the same colour that you are used to.

Floor sanding

The picture shows our main floor sander in action - the picture was taken while this teak parquet floor was being sanded - the machine is on and sanding.  We don't claim to have a completely dust free sanding system, the amount of dust produced is negligible - there are no billowing clouds of dust.

We have a range of floor stains and floor sealers that can be used to finish your newly sanded floors - a range of water-based polyurethane sealers or a selections of oil-based floor sealers are available to suit your needs.

sand and seal teak 1a.jpg

Quarter Sawn Oregon Pine - sanded & sealed

Further work was done on this house in Greenside after the home owner was happy with the refurbishment of his main bedroom floor.  The flooring was not looking good - the sealer had worn through and there were black patches in the floor.  The flooring itself was still thick enough to withstand a sanding, and the owner opted for a commercial grade, water-based sealer in semi-gloss.

The results are spectacular - the marks and stains have come out, and the floor is back to its best.

Herringbone Floors - sanded, filled & sealed

The floors in this house had seen better days - the old sealer was worn and it was time for them to be shown some love!  The floors were sanded, then all the gaps between the blocks were filled, before a final sand, and the application of a primer and two coats of a water-based floor sealer.

Back to looking their best, with many more years of luxurious living in front of them.

Teak Herringbone Floors - sanded, stained, sealed

This house in Waterfall Estate had Savanah teak herringbone blocks installed through the kitchen and dining areas.  The floors were originally sealed with an oil-based sealer, something we wouldn't recommend in a kitchen area.  The revive the floors we sanded them back to bare wood, filled any gaps, and then applied a light brown stain to ease the contrast between the brown and white natural colouring in the timber.  The floors were then sealed with two coats of Loba WS 2K Duo Semi-gloss, a commercial grade, 2 component, water-based sealer.

Oregon Pine Floors sanded and sealed

The Quarter sawn Oregon Pine floors in this house in Greenside were renovated as part of the main bedroom upgrade.  The original floors in this room were in a reasonable condition and perfect for refurbishment.  The floors were machine sanded to remove all the old sealant and light scratches with the deeper marks sanded by hand to preserve as much of the floor as possible.  All gaps in the floor were filled with Loba Easyfill before final sanding, and then the floor was sealed with two coats of a Loba water-based, polyurethane sealer.  The water based sealers do tend to keep the floor a lighter colour.

Your wooden floors are a valuable asset

Looking after and maintaining your floors is important, but there will come a time when they need refurbishment.  Do some research and choose wisely on who sands and re-seals your floor - you can lose a lot of life, and value from your floors if they are sanded badly - deep sanding marks and gouges in your floor need to be fixed with deep sanding wasting useful floor life.  Pick a contractor with experience and their own good equipment, and apply the best sealer you can afford to protect your floor into the future.

The picture here shows a floor that we had to rescue from a floor butcher - yes, that's the same floor, yes those blotchy spots were how the first contractor left the floor.  Hand held belt sanders and angle grinders are not appropriate tools for this type of work...

Oregon Pine before and after.jpg
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