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  • Neil Smith

Loba Training - Johannesburg - May 2019

Yet another useful and informative, hands-on training session with Olaf Woggon from Loba in Germany.  A great opportunity to ask questions about the Loba products we use on a daily basis, as well as finding out what new and innovative products they are bringing to market.  Olaf has probably conducted around 20 training sessions in Johannesburg over the last 11 years or so, bringing not only his exceptional knowledge of the Loba products but his sense of humour!  

It's great to deal with a company that is continually improving their products, finding ways to meet the ever changing needs of designers and clients, while making the products as foolproof and as easy as possible to use. 

Thanks to Zimbos for hosting the training session, and once again a big thank you to Olaf and Loba.

Loba training day in Johannesburg 2019
Neil Smith with Olaf Woggon from Loba in Germany

Olaf showing us how it's done!

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