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  • Neil Smith

Wood floor installation methods explained - nail down

Nailing down of wood floors is not a very common method anymore - it has been surpassed by Elastilon and installations.

To nail a wood floor down requires a wooden structure under the floor - modern homes are not normally designed to cater for the extra space needed for this structure.

In those case where nailing down your wood floor is the way to go, our Derrington Floors installers have the correct equipment for doing the job professionally. We use a Porta-nail floor nailer with specialised nails as shown in the picture. The nails are driven, at an angle, through the tongue of the floor into the structure below. The next board is then installed which covers the nail head.

The structure would normally be made from a reasonable soft timber such as pine - it is easy for the nails to be driven between the fibers of the timber, which then close back around the serrations and grooves on the nail, holding it fast.

If your next flooring project requires a nail down wooden floor, contact us for a quote.

Installing a real wood flooring using Portanails
Porta-nail wood floor installation

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